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Davison Practice 1
Tuesday, April 2, 2019 - 15:26 at Davison Country Club

Event Information

First Practice at DCC High Nine

Start on hole 10, then 14-18, across to play 7, tee off from 8 tee to 5 green, and then 6 in!

Make sure that Travis and Cal download the APP!!

Event Rules

All USGA Rules are in effect EXCEPT:

Local Rules - Mark, Lift, Clean and Place the ball within a cell phone length in the entire general area
Densely wooded areas and long grasses are to be played as penalty areas. 


Round 1
Tuesday, April 2nd @ 3:30PM (ET)
Davison CC
Format: Strokeplay

Round 2
Wednesday, April 3rd @ 3:30PM (ET)
Davison CC
Format: Strokeplay

Round 3
Thursday, April 4th @ 3:30PM (ET)
Davison CC
Format: Strokeplay