This is a quote about golf. It's pretty hilarious.
SWAG Event #13
November 12th at Wildhawk Golf Club

Event Information

Blue tees
You're on your own for range balls this time. 
Be on time. We cannot and will not delay tee times. It will be busy.

Event Rules

SWAG rules apply with a couple exceptions. 
* you may lift clean and place.
Play OB as lateral hazard.
Play "ready golf"
Lost ball: go to where you reasonably think ball rested, take one stroke penalty, take up to one club length, drop ball.
New drop rules apply: u can drop from 6 inches from ground.
(Nevermind, we are lift clean and place, so place ball in any drop situation)
Players may putt with flag stick in as a speed up option. If someone has to walk to chip on or whatever, you may putt if ready. 
Blue Tees
Putt out all putts. If it's truly a gimme, you should be able to tap in, one hand, from opposite side, with back of putter, etc...


Round 1
Monday, November 12th @ 8:52AM (PT)
Wildhawk Golf Club
Format: Strokeplay