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Kalidindi Kup!
October 26th - October 28th at Pine Dunes Resort & Golf Club (and 2 more)

Event Information

2018 Kalidindi Kup!!

Event Rules

1. No mulligans.
2. Max score per hole is 7 on par 3, 8 on par 4 and 9 on par 5.
3. Manmade impediments (cart path, sprinkler head, gravel) allow a free drop 1 club length no closer to pin.
4. There will be no provisional shots. Search for your ball where it went out of bounds, and take a drop in the line of spot in went in and if it is not found.
5. Casual water excepted, all other lies are played as they lie. Learn to play out of divots!
6. Lost ball search duration limit is 3 mins.
7. Player priviledge to declare ball unplayable. Penalty of one stroke, drop within a club length no nearer to hole, or directly away from the hole as far as desired. If in bunker, ball must stay in the bunker.
8. Anything outside length of your putter must be putt out. This must be witnessed before picking it up. As usual, for final round all putts must be putt out.
9. All players have to salute the leader after each day and bow at the end of tournament


Round 1
Friday, October 26th @ 1:30PM (CT)
Waterchase Golf Club
Format: Strokeplay

Round 2
Saturday, October 27th @ 1:00PM (CT)
Pine Dunes Resort
Format: Strokeplay

Round 3
Sunday, October 28th @ 8:10AM (CT)
The Tribute Golf Links - The Tribute
Format: Strokeplay